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Nonprofit's Essentials: Software any nonprofit should have


Through your TechSoup account, nonprofits like yours will be able to access a wide range of software discounts and donations from as basic as operating systems to as complex as servers. But without a professional IT team, I understand that most of your would find it hard to maximize, or sometimes even just to appreciate, this golden opportunity.

But hey, in TechSoup, it’s all about empowering you to use technology on your own! So, if you’re having troubles identifying which products you need, don’t you worry! We’ve narrowed the list down to these essential tools!


Operating Systems

Upgrading to the latest operating system is a must for anyone with a computer. With the latest operating systems, you'll be able to make the most out 

your computer by allowing it to process at an optimum level, while keeping it secure with the latest security patches that come with it.

Through your TechSoup account, nonprofits like yours can access the latest version of Windows as Get Genuine licenses (base licenses) or Upgrades (requires a pre-installed pro version of Windows, includes software assurance), and even choose to downgrade to older versions if the licenses include software assurance.

Get the latest Windows operating system today >> 


Office Suites

Improve your productivity exponentially by upgrading to the latest Microsoft Office suite. Get all the latest features and versions of your favorite Office apps such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel by upgrading to the latest Office suite.

Microsoft Office suites come in two versions, Standard which includes your basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook; and also, Professional Plus, which adds in InfoPath (for creating forms) and Access (for creating basic databases).

Get the latest Office suite for your Windows or Mac today >>



It's reasonably common to receive documents in PDF. Make sure your organization has the right product to open these though, by getting the latest version of Acrobat Professional.

Through Adobe's Acrobat Professional, you'll get the ability to open, edit and assign security measures to your PDFs! You can get it today for either your Windows or Mac devices.



Keeping our devices secure is synonymous to keeping all of our work safe. So, to avoid the enormous inconvenience brought to you by losing all your work due to a virus, it’s always best to keep all of your devices protected.

Through your TechSoup account, you'll be able to access a variety of anti-virus software fit for both individual computers, or an entire network.

For your basic needs, check out Norton's 1-year security subscription to provide for your organization, the ability to secure over 5 different devices simultaneously.

Get Norton today >>


Office 365

Not to be mistaken for Office suites, Office 365 provides your nonprofit with the essential tools to become productive. Ranging from communication (Instant messaging, Business class emails, Video conferencing) to collaboration (Cloud storage accounts, Office online, Online collaboration platform, and even the ability to help you create your own websites, Office 365 stands as a definite must-have for any nonprofit, regardless if you're new or not.

Your TechSoup account pre-qualifies you for free Office 365 subscriptions. Apply today by requesting for the 30-day free trial.

Apply for Office 365 donations today >>


Need a hand

Need software beyond these basic necessities? If you do and you're unsure what to get, just feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to point you to the right one. Just shoot an email to either or Jed at